Saturday, May 28, 2011

Choice of Evils, by E.X. Ferrars

Choice of Evils
E.X. Ferrars

A popular novelist's deceased wife's sister is murdered and before long one of his former flames also meets with an untimely demise. Amateur detective Andrew Basnett happens to be on vacation in the area and starts snooping around to try to determine what happened.

One of the last of Ferrars' many mystery novels and the eighth and final one to feature Basnett, Choice of Evils came out in 1995, the same year Ferrars died. This is the second of Ferrars' novels that I've sampled and unless a whim strikes me it may be the last. In both cases I found her books to be well-written and the mysteries well-constructed, but overall the books were not all that interesting and a bit too slow-moving for me. And it's not that I'm the sort that demands a gun battle or a car chase on every other page. As a fan of traditional mysteries I'm aware that they may tend to be deliberately paced. Ferrars' were just a little too much in that vein for my tastes. Yours may vary.

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