Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silver Spire, by Robert Goldsborough

Silver Spire
By Robert Goldsborough

I've read three of the seven Nero Wolfe mysteries Robert Goldsborough wrote after Rex Stout's death in 1976. I'd rank Silver Spire as the best of these three. If it weren't for the fact that it were set in a more contemporary era than the Stout books I probably could have forgotten Silver Spire wasn't a Stout book at all.

The book has to do with some misdeeds committed at one of those mega-churches that have become all the rage in recent decades. When the second in command there is bumped off, freelance operative and occasional Wolfe employee Fred Durkin is tagged as the prime suspect. Wolfe and Archie swing into high gear to try to prove their assertion that he didn't do it and Wolfe makes one of his rare forays out of the brownstone to tie things up.

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