Friday, June 3, 2011

Flying Too High, by Kerry Greenwood

Flying Too High
By Kerry Greenwood

I was not acquainted with Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher series when I ran across this volume, the second of what appears to be a total of 18 books. Fisher, like author Greenwood, hangs her hat in Melbourne, Australia. The series is set in the Twenties and Fisher is a decidedly liberated woman, given the era in which she dwells. As the author's web site puts it, she is an "unflappable, unconventional and uninhibited heroine," not to mention a pilot.

It's this latter skill that's put to good use in this slim volume, in which Fisher is called upon to solve two crimes, the kidnapping of a young girl and the apparent murder of a man who wasn't exactly in the running for any popularity contests.

As I was wrapping up this book I noticed that Fisher's adventures are due to be adapted for Australian TV in the near future. More about that here.

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