Thursday, June 2, 2011

Movie: Fast And Loose

Fast And Loose
Screenplay by Harry Kurnitz

A husband and wife team who crack a variety of cases while frequently cracking wise? Why that's got to be...Garda and Joel Sloane. Hmm. Well, rest assured that the resemblance to the popular Thin Man series was not accidental. The second of three of the "Fast" series, Fast and Loose starred Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery and joined Fast Company, from the year before, and was followed by Fast and Furious, later in 1939.

I've found lately that mystery movies don't hold my attention so well. I tend to watch for a while and then my attention starts to wander and I give up and go read a book. Fast and Loose was a rare exception. The plot is nothing too memorable - the Sloanes are rare book dealers who are drawn into a case involving a missing Shakespeare manuscript and a few murders - but the light, witty approach made it pretty smooth going.

If this is the sort of thing that appeals to you it's worth a look. Interesting to note that writer Kurnitz later wrote the play A Shot in the Dark, which he based on a French play and which was later turned into one of the most madcap crime movies of them all, featuring a gut-busting performance by Peter Sellers.

For more on Fast and Loose, take a look at this article at the TCM web site.

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