Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Tanglewood Murder, by Lucille Kallen

The Tanglewood Murder
by Lucille Kallen

It just so happens that I've run across several mysteries lately that have a musical connection. In addition to The Tanglewood Murder, I've just finished Murder in E Minor, Robert Goldsborough's first Nero Wolfe novel, and I've got Mayhem in B-Flat, by Elliot Paul, on my to be read pile.

Lucille Kallen, as nearly as I can tell, is best known for being a TV writer who wrote for Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, among others. Unless there's another writer by this name who penned mysteries, she also turned out about six books during the Eighties that chronicled the adventures of amateur crime solvers C.B. Greenfield and Maggie Rome. Greenfield, the smarty pants of the group, is the editor of a small newspaper in New England. Rome is a reporter there and narrator of the pair's assorted and sundry adventures.

The Tanglewood Murder, as the name suggests, takes place at the annual Tanglewood Music Festival in Massachusetts. Greenfield attends and drags his reluctant sidekick along. Before long a murder breaks out, as it so often does when amateur detectives are on the scene, and the duo go into action to try to sort it all out.

Not so bad overall, although I found some aspects regarding the killer's motivations and methods to be a bit farfetched. While I won't be seeking out the rest of Kallen's works anytime soon I'd probably be inclined to check out another one if I ran across it.

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