Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Dark and Stormy Night, by Jeanne Dams

A Dark and Stormy Night

by Jeanne Dams


How can you pass up a book with a title like A Dark and Stormy Night? I certainly couldn't and it turned out to be worth the investment of my time and energy. The action takes place at an English country house weekend and things really get rolling after a body is discovered and a rip-roaring storm leaves the group cut off from the rest of the world.

The plot thickens and the casualties start to stack up, as so often the case in these things. Amateur detective Dorothy Martin and her husband, a retired police constable, have to step lively to try to get it all sorted out without getting knocked off themselves. A few interesting twists as things wind to a close and though I did see most of them coming I'd still give it high marks overall.

This looks to be the tenth of as many Dorothy Martin books by Dams and, in my opinion, it ranks right up there with the best of the traditionally styled English country house murder mysteries. Definitely worth a look, if you're keen on this sort of thing.

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