Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sherlock Holmes and the American Angels, by Barrie Roberts

Sherlock Holmes and the American Angels

By Barrie Roberts


It wasn't my intention to make a study of Sherlock Holmes knockoffs, but I've read several lately and have two more on deck as I write this. Roberts wrote nine Sherlock Holmes books in all - this one was the last before his death in 2007. I didn't find this one as entertaining as the last novel-length Holmes pastiche I read, L.B. Greenwood's Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Sabina Hall, but it was fairly readable even so.

Things get rolling with Holmes deciphering a coded communication in the newspaper classifieds, which leads to a murder and then another one, apparently related to the first. The plot thickens considerably from here, with the possible involvement of a terrorist group responsible for assassinating American president William McKinley tossed into the mix, along with a cache of gold coins that went missing several centuries earlier.

All of which finds Holmes and Watson headed to the Scottish Highlands to get things sorted out. Where they encounter various obstacles, including a few attempts on their lives, before Homes wraps things up, collaring all of the villains and locating the missing gold.

Not bad. Not great. If you simply can't get enough Holmes, you may want to take a look.

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