Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Casino Murder Case - 1935

The Casino Murder Case
From a story by S.S. Van Dine

This cinematic outing finds the esteemed Mr. Philo Vance investigating three cases of attempted murder by poison, one of which is successful, and a shooting which may or may not be a suicide. All of the victims of these crimes are members of a wealthy, eccentric family who own a casino.

I didn't find this one particularly exciting for about the first three-quarters of the movie but things began to kick into gear after that. Overall, I'd say I preferred the somewhat more offbeat The Dragon Murder Case to this one.

Trivia fans will want to note that the sergeant is played by Ted Healy, who worked with the Three Stooges before they hit it big. Also on hand, in an uncredited role as an auctioneer, William Demarest, later renowned for his role as Uncle Charley in My Three Sons.