Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie: The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady

The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady
Based on a character created by Joseph Louis Vance

When a would-be jewel thief is killed the finger of suspicion points to the woman whose apartment he died in. She rushes into to the street and (no small coincidence here) encounters one Michael Lanyard, aka The Lone Wolf, who, along with his valet Jamison is trying to outrun a traffic cop.

The Lone Wolf is a somewhat renowned and rather dapper jewel thief. He and Jamison do the chivalrous thing and take the fair lady under their wing while trying to determine who perpetrated the crime. Another stiff turns up before it's all said and done and there's a fairly interesting twist regarding the necklace that started the whole mess.

Which makes for a pretty entertaining and quite lighthearted little piece of celluloid. About the only real drawback for me was Eric Blore, who tended to overplay his role as Jamison quite a bit. Three Stooges fans (guilty) will want to note that there's a brief walk-on by none other than Shemp Howard (see the accompanying video clip).

I wasn't familiar with The Lone Wolf prior to this viewing experience but there were actually more than two dozen films made from Vance's stories, the first of them all the way back in 1917. For a fairly thorough overview of The Lone Wolf's exploits, look here.

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