Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Movie - The Lone Wolf Strikes

The Lone Wolf Strikes
Based on characters created by Louis Joseph Vance
1940's been nice not seeing you in the past few days. (Michael Lanyard, The Lone Wolf)

A jewel theft is the crime du jour in this installment of The Lone Wolf series. The culprits and methods are pretty well laid out early on and so there's not a whole lot of whodunit action this time around. But it's an entertaining way to spend about an hour nonetheless and there are a few interesting twists thrown in later in the proceedings.

When a wealthy banker lets a young, attractive lady friend wear an expensive string of pearls she takes this as an opportunity to do the old switcheroo. Not long after the banker dies in a suspicious car crash and his partner comes to see The Lone Wolf, aka Michael Lanyard, to get the jewels back and bring the thieves to justice. Given Lanyard's background working on the wrong side of the law he's uniquely qualified to sort it all out.

For a more in-depth look at The Lone Wolf in fiction and film, try out this article at TCM. For another take, here's a review from a fan site dedicated to star Warren William.

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