Saturday, March 10, 2012

Movie: Passport to Suez

Passport to Suez
Based on characters created
by Louis Joseph Vance

It's another one of those relatively rare installments of The Lone Wolf series that don't include the character's moniker in the title. This is also the last of the bunch to star Warren Williams in the title role. Gerald Mohr took over for the next three installments and then Ron Randell starred in the last one (The Lone Wolf and His Lady), in 1949.

This time around The Lone Wolf (Michael Lanyard) and Jameson are in Egypt. The plot hinges on Nazi spies trying to get their hands on top-secret military info and our heroes lending a hand to put a stop to it. In the course of the proceedings Jameson is kidnapped (several times, actually) and his son and the son's fiancé turn up, though the latter might not be all that she seems.

I have to admit, as I've said before, that spy/espionage type fiction and film has never done much for me. So this one was not among my favorites of The Lone Wolf movies. But Williams and Eric Blore, who plays Jameson, are a pretty good team and as is par for the course, this installment treats weighty topics with a lighthearted touch, managing to effectively alternate between serious and comical scenes. It's hard to imagine anyone else as The Lone Wolf but I've got a few of the Mohr/Randell installments queued up and will be giving them a look in the very near future.

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