Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Movie: The Lone Wolf in London

The Lone Wolf in London
From a story by Louis Joseph Vance

The Lone Wolf in London was nearly the end of the line for The Lone Wolf movies. They got underway in 1917, not long after Louis Joseph Vance wrote the first novel. After a stretch in which Warren Williams played the title role for nine films, Gerald Mohr took over for the next three. This is the third of those. Both Mohr and Eric Blore, who played butler/sidekick/valet Jameson in most of the Williams and Mohr films, would be gone for the last installment. For more on The Lone Wolf in fiction, film, radio and TV, check this article I wrote for the Criminal Element site.

If you like Lone Wolf movies, then you'll probably like this one. Which is not to say that it was one of the better episodes, but it wasn't all that bad either. Mohr was quite a bit more lively in the first of his three portrayals of the title character, but here he seems to more or less be going through the motions. Blore as Jameson is a steady source of comic relief, as always, and the premise is fairly standard one. Since he's in London at about the time of the theft of some valuable jewels, the finger of suspicion naturally falls upon retired jewel thief, Michael Lanyard (The Lone Wolf). And, of course, the best way for him to clear his name is to round up the person who did steal them.

Which leads to a bunch of intricate and involved plot machinations that I won't bother with. Maybe you watch Lone Wolf movies for the plot, but not me. If you haven't ever seen a Lone Wolf movie then you'd be advised to start with another installment besides this one.

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