Sunday, October 20, 2013

r.l. stine's haunting hour

the r.l. stine craze came along too late for me to really appreciate, but a while back i thought i might try out r.l. stine's haunting hour. it's a horror anthology tv show that airs on a cable channel called the hub. if you guessed that it's geared toward a younger demographic you get a gold star. if you guessed that there's nothing there for adults you might need to rethink your position.

the show is into its third season now and i've caught quite a few episodes. while there were some that didn't grab me there were probably a lot more that did. production values are quite high, the acting and writing are a cut above and as a general rule episodes are not too "childish," for lack of a better word.

if you're only going to try one episode of the show then go all out and try two. grampires was the two-part opener for the third season and it's one of the best episodes i've seen. i've never been a fan of vampires and all of the vampire mania of recent decades hasn't done anything to convert me, but grampires proves that there's still a way to spin this sub-genre in a way that seems fresh. what's especially noteworthy is how the episode manages to blend humor with a few fairly decent scares.

for my money the best of the show ranks right up there with any of the horror tv anthologies of yesteryear. so if you've never heard of it or if you've steered clear because it's kid's stuff i'd encourage you to give it a look.