Monday, December 24, 2012

Movie - The Thin Man Goes Home

The Thin Man Goes Home
Based on characters created by Dashiell Hammett

The consensus seems to be that the Thin Man movies went downhill after the first one. I'm on the fence about that. I don't know that I completely agree but I can see how the argument could be made. For my money the six films of the series adhered closely enough to a formula that if you like one I'm not sure what there is not to like about the others.

While it would be nice to read and watch these series type books and movies in order, for me that rarely happens. This is the fifth of the Thin Man movies I've watched and I still have number four (Shadow Of The Thin Man) to go. There's no false advertising in this title, mind you. Nick and Nora (and dog Asta, of course) really do go home - to Nick's home town, where they take up residence with his loving mother and mildly disapproving father for a short time.

Which is a rather bucolic way to get away from it all, but of course there's no way that can possibly last. And it doesn’t, now that you mention it, given that someone is bumped off right on the Charles family doorstep and the crime-solving couple are forced to spring into action.

From here things take a somewhat familiar route to the end. Which consists of Nick gathering what seems like everyone in the town and perhaps even a couple dozen others for the summing up to beat them all. All of which would have been rather long and tedious if it wasn't handled so well and if there weren't a few great comic moments tossed in for good effect.

All in all, a rather down home affair, if I do say so myself. It could have just as easily been called Murder in Mayberry, but of course that fictional town wouldn't appear on any maps for about another decade and a half.

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