Saturday, March 23, 2013

a letter to pantene australia, from c. francis patel

dear hair friends of pantene, sincerely, and good morning,

i am seek advise for the following matters of pertinence, to wit. please advise asat and sooner.

would the copywriters law permit to name the horse pantene?
the horse sleeps too many after shampooings and is terrificly somnolent. does pantene make horse
somnolent? please advise.

please advise. greetings - sincerely, and good morning,
c. francis patel
esq., phd., ret.

thanks for contacting us.

while i'm happy to hear how well you enjoy pantene, we can't recommend it's use in this manner. our
products have been thoroughly evaluated to do what we say they'll do and, therefore, we can only
recommend them to be used in the manner it was intended for. still, i'm forwarding your comments on
to the rest of our pantene team.

with that being said, we'll need additional information pertaining to your copyright question.
please write back and provide us with additional details pertaining to your use of a trademarked
name, so we can better direct your request.

thanks again for writing.

p&g team