Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the ghost walks - 1934

the ghost walks
from a story by charles belden

it was a dark and stormy night. of course.

maybe somewhere along the line i've run across an old dark house movie i didn't like. but nothing comes to mind right now. director frank strayer actually made the monster walks about two years before the ghost walks and though i have yet to see that one it's apparently an old dark house flick as well, though the two don't seem to be linked in any other way.

as the ghost walks gets underway, a hotshot broadway producer, his nerdy (male) secretary and a playwright have a minor accident and are forced to take refuge at a foreboding house of the old and dark variety. there are already several people on hand and it's not long before things start to go awry, with some rather nefarious deeds taking place, but there's a pretty interesting twist early on that i won't spoil.

which colors much of what follows and before it's all said and done a number of the people who have gathered at the house have gone missing and a lunatic has escaped from a nearby asylum and there's a picture with eyes that move and a number of other gimmicks common to movies of this breed. and plenty of comic relief, not the least of it provided by the hotshot producer and the nerd, who spend a great deal of their on-screen time bickering.

alas, there is no killer ape. but life is full of disappointments and the movie doesn’t suffer too badly for it. all in all i'd rank this one a little bit higher than average as far as this sort of thing goes.