Sunday, January 12, 2014

mystery house - 1938

mystery house
from a story by mignon g. eberhart

'one of those people downstairs is a homicidal maniac.'

not a bad whodunit, this one, given that the running time is less than an hour. although one the crimes is a locked room mystery that could possibly be said to stretch the bounds of credibility just a bit.

a prominent banker gathers his company officers at his hunting lodge to let them know that he's discovered some financial malfeasance. a short time later he's killed in his locked bedroom and found with a gun in his hand.

the death is officially ruled a suicide but the banker's daughter is not buying that. she reconvenes the guests at the hunting lodge and invites detective lance o'leary to sort the mess out. which he does, but not before the body count rises and a number of red herrings are scattered in his path.