Friday, December 5, 2014

Henry IV, Part 1 - Act II

Henry IV, Part 1
Act II

Out, you mad-headed ape!
A weasel hath not such a deal of spleen
As you are toss’d with.

Still a bit of a muddle, this one is, but the prince and pals apparently have pulled off their exploit and the rebellion is still in the plotting stages. There follows a scene in which the prince retires to a tavern and gets shit-faced and spouts a bunch of gibberish. But maybe that’s just my interpretation. In come Falstaff and his boys talking the big talk about how well they acquitted themselves in the earlier scrape, even though they ended up without the money they stole.

After a good bit of creative embellishment on this theme and plenty of very colorful language the prince finally reveals that Falstaff and the boys were punked. Soon after word comes that the king has summoned the prince. Falstaff and the prince play out a few scenarios of how this might go and as the scene ends the sheriff turns up, looking for a certain “gross fat man.” Not that Falstaff fits the bill or anything.

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