Sunday, December 7, 2014

Henry IV, Part 1 - Act III

Henry IV, Part 1

I had rather live
With cheese and garlick in a windmill, far,
Than feed on cates and have him talk to me
In any summer-house in Christendom.

Nothing much to see here. So little of significance (just an opinion, mind you) has happened thus far that the play could just as easily been called Much Ado About Nothing. But that's another story.

Act III finds the king’s enemies making warlike plots. Hotspur takes great delight in goading Glendower, who looks to be the head honcho in all of this. Hotspur is cautioned against said goading by some of the others but he doesn’t think much of their advice. Then it's back to the tavern again, where there's whole lot more nothing in a scene concerned primarily with Falstaff's pocket being picked. Ho hum.

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