Saturday, December 13, 2014

Henry IV, Part I - Act V

Henry IV, Part I
Act V

The southern wind
Doth play the trumpet to his purposes,
And by his hollow whistling in the leaves
Foretells a tempest and a blustering day.

As the battle is about to be joined, Worcester and Vernon come to the king’s camp to present their grievances. The king offers to go easy on the rebels if they’ll stand down. They strategically neglect to mention this to the rest of their rebel posse.

The battle is joined. Archibald, Earl of Douglas does away with Sir Walter Blunt, thinking he is the king. Then he happens upon the real king and they take each other on, with the prince, who has been wounded, getting into the fray.

Archibald “flies” and then Hotspur and the prince go at it and Hotspur is wounded. In the meantime Archibald returns and he and Falstaff go at it. Hotspur gets the worst of it and Archibald flees the scene again, only to be captured, along with Worcester and Vernon, who are eventually done away with.

As things wind up, at least for this installment, the king splits his forces and sends part of them to York and part to Wales to deal with various rebel factions.

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