Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Titus Andronicus - Act IV

Titus Andronicus
Act IV

We will solicit heaven and move the gods
To send down Justice for to wreak our wrongs.

Titus and his crew - what's left of it - are beginning to plot their revenge for the various insults and injuries inflicted upon them. In the meantime Aaron and Tamora have had something going on the side and their secret is about to be spilled when Tamora gives birth to a baby that is suspiciously dark-skinned – like its father. This won’t do so Aaron kills the baby’s nurse and connives to swap it out with one that is suitably light-skinned.

Back at the palace word comes that the Goths are marching on Rome, with Lucius – son of Titus – commanding the troops. As things wind up Tamora goes forth to try to work some kind of wily deceitful stuff on Titus. Methinks this ain't gonna end well.

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