Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Tempest - Act III

The Tempest

Trinculo, if you trouble him any more in his tale, by this hand, I will supplant some of your teeth.

Enter Ferdinand, bearing a log.

Seems that Miranda and the log-bearing Ferdinand, who’s been pressed into something like slavery by Prospero, have become an item. She goes so far as to offer to take over his log-stacking duties (Log Lady?) but the gallant Ferdinand won't hear of it. They get all googly-eyed over each other for a while and then decide that they oughta to get hitched.

Caliban and Stephano conspire to rebel against Prospero. Caliban offers a few specifics on how best fold, spindle or mutilate the old bird, but cautions that he should get his hands on Prospero’s books first, as they are the source of his power.

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