Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Articles At Black Gate

If you're not familiar with Black Gate and the words Adventures in Fantasy Literature work for you then you should certainly make your way to their site and check things out. Once upon a time Black Gate was a quarterly print publication but has now moved their operations online. They focus on all manner of fantasy and science fiction these days, with a smidgen of mystery and assorted other stuff thrown in for good effect. The site is updated frequently, thanks to the efforts of tireless publisher and editor, John O'Neill. It's good stuff and I'd be reading it even if I didn't write for them.

I've been contributing to the site for a while and trying to post updates to this site whenever a new article comes out. Unfortunately, I've fallen behind and from now on have decided just to link to my search page over there. I'm in the midst of a Star Trek Movie Rewatch right now and as time permits have also been looking at the short fiction of Algernon Blackwood and SF anthologies of yesteryear - mostly from the Sixties and Seventies. And whatever other assorted and sundry topics might have captured my wandering attention. It's all right here, most recent stuff first.

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