Saturday, October 7, 2017

Heaviest Metallist 1 - Black Pyramid

(in which a lapsed metalhead seeks the heaviest metal song ever - recommendations are welcome)

Black Pyramid
Visions of Gehenna
Black Pyramid (2009)

A half century into heavy metal and you might assume it's all been done - and it probably has. But even at this late date you might run across a band who breathes life back into the moldering old corpse of the great beast.

For example, there's Visions of Gehenna, from Black Pyramid's self-titled first album (2009), a song I've had in heavy rotation lately. It opens with a catchy little bass bit and then gives way to a martial beat and a first-class riff delivered with an intensity that suggests a 30-piece ensemble rather than just a trio. Throw in some sword and sorcery inspired lyrics that actually aren't goofy and it makes for a very fine number. Wunnerful, wunnerful...

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