Friday, October 20, 2017

Heaviest Metallist 5 - Sleep

(in which a lapsed metalhead seeks the heaviest metal song ever - recommendations are welcome)

Holy Mountain
Sleep's Holy Mountain (1992)

The first (only?) Black Sabbath album I ever bought was Technical Ecstasy. I was young and the price was right and it seemed okay in an era when you didn't have access to the whole of recorded music.

The only song I can remember now is a lame one called Rock and Roll Doctor, which sounded nothing like the Black Sabbath of their heyday. But if you want heyday-era Black Sabbath, you have maybe four albums to choose from (depending on who's counting) and even those contained some duds.

The point I'm working my way around to is that there wasn't enough 'good' Black Sabbath to go around and so I'm quite keen to discover, after being away from metal for a while, that there are now twelve zillion bands who have taken their music as a jumping off point. Sleep was one of the earlier examples of these and Holy Mountain and the album it appeared on are rightly renowned. If you gotta steal, steal from the best.

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