Friday, November 24, 2017

Heaviest Metallist 9 - Cavernlord

(in which a lapsed metalhead seeks the heaviest metal song ever - recommendations are welcome)


Not every song covered here in Heaviest Metallist is a serious contender for the title of heaviest metal song ever. Some are just interesting, heavy songs that I ran across in my quest. Such is the case with Hypothalamus, by Cavernlord.

Which is a mighty fine name for a band, if you ask me, although it appears that Cavernlord is one of those one-man "band" affairs where the chap parades down the street with a cymbal hanging from his ear, a bass drum strapped to his ankle and a flugelhorn in each hand. The one-man band in this case is Nathaniel Leveck, a Wyoming-based musician who appears to have turned out a few EPs and an album as Cavernlord. Hypothalamus is from the three-song Hypothalamus EP.

So what's it all about? I wish I knew. The Bandcamp page for the EP would have us believe that Cavernlord is a purveyor of "heavy psychedelic sludge" and I guess I can buy that, for lack of being able to come up with a better summary that will fit on a match pack. The song is built around a curiously heavy and grimy (for lack of a better word) sounding riff, complemented by Leveck's odd vocals. Which range from unintelligibly distorted to something like John Lydon in his early PiL days, if he were having some sort of a psychotic episode.

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