Don Grady (My Three Sons) on American Bandstand

Robbie Douglas, of My Three Sons, in a July 10, 1965 appearance on American Bandstand, in which he "sings" and sits for an interview with Dick Clark.

The Ladybugs on Petticoat Junction (1964)

Not the worst girl group Beatles knockoff you'll hear today. From The Ladybugs (1964). More here.

The Greefs on My Three Sons

Robbie Douglas, of My Three Sons and his fiction TV band, The Greefs. Not bad.

Lowell George on F Troop (1967)

The Bedbugs perform for F Troop. Featuring The Factory, which included Lowell George. He later came to fame in Little Feat. From the That's Show Biz episode (1967).

The Spats on My Mother the Car (1965)

Featuring The Spats, a real-life band who hailed from Southern California. From My Son, the Ventriloquist (1965)

Dennis Hopper Recites Beatnik Poetry on Petticoat Junction (1964)

Here's Dennis Hopper as one of those literate beatnik types. Five more years until Easy Rider. From Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik (1964)

Hippie TV - Get Smart (Larry Storch)(1968)

Thrill thrill thrill! Kill kill kill! Featuring the Sacred Cows and Larry Storch, of F Troop, as The Groovy Guru. From The Groovy Guru episode (1968).

Hippie TV - Mannix

Featuring another Sixties TV appearance by the real-life band, The Peppermint Trolley Company.

Hippie TV - Bewitched (1968)

Samantha sings one of two songs - from the Hippie Hippie Hooray episode (1968).

The Enemys on The Beverly Hillbillies

"Got My Mojo Working", by The Enemys, featuring Cory Wells, later of Three Dog Night.

Pillory on Peyton Place

The band Pillory perform the song Tear Drop City on the prime time soap opera Peyton Place.

Hippie TV - The Beverly Hillbillies (1967)

Featuring The Peppermint Trolley Company, a real-life band who also worked on music for The Brady Bunch and Mannix. From the episode, Robin Hood and the Sheriff (1967).

Hippie TV - The Flying Nun (1968)

Another real-life band, who got their start in the Sixties. The Sundowners in an appearance on The Flying Nun - from the Song of Bertrille episode (1968)

Hippie Rob Reiner Sings Dylan on Gomer Pyle

It's almost too good to be true. Future Meathead Rob Reiner and his flower gal pal sing Blowing in the Wind with Gomer Pyle.

The Other Half on The Mod Squad (1968)

From the very first episode of The Mod Squad - The Teeth of the Barracuda (1968). The Other Half were another real band recruited for Sixties TV.

Hippie TV - The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Every Mother's Son, who scored with the hit "Come on Down to My Boat," play in the midst of a knockdown, drag out brawl.