TOS Final Rewatch 5 - The Enemy Within

"The Enemy Within "
Season 1, Episode 5

Dr. Kirk and Mr. Kirk
So people have a good side and a bad side. Or a dark side and a bright side. Or a raging, sweaty side and a wimpy, dry side. Or something like that. Kirk and a weird little space unicorn dog prove this thesis by going through the transporter while it's on the fritz and being split into two halves.

In the meantime, Sulu and the rest of a landing party are stranded on a planet and night's coming and it's getting dangerously cold and the clock is ticking.

Beam Half of Me Up
Five episodes in and I don't recall that McCoy has launched into any of his anti-transporter tirades yet. Maybe this is the incident that will set him off. And maybe he has a point about having your atoms scattered all over the universe and whatnot. Pretty impressive technology, this transporter doohickey. And yet it is rendered useless by a mysterious yellow powder.

Overactors Anonymous
From the moment he appears, Bad Kirk is nearly bouncing off the ceiling with the sheer force of his overacting.

The transporter accident somehow results in Bad Kirk having more eye makeup than Good Kirk. Did I imagine this?

Good Kirk's performance - not so bad.

The captain's quarters happen to stock theatrical makeup suitable for covering up those nasty scratches on Bad Kirk's face.

Bad Kirk sweats like he's sitting in an electric chair, while Good Kirk is surprisingly fresh and dry. Talcum powder?

Poor little space unicorn dog. Was the Humane Society on hand? Is humiliating a dog a form of mistreatment?

Can anyone on the ship enter (Bad Kirk) someone else's quarters (Yeoman Rand's) at any time? No need to be buzzed in? No lock? Latch?

The gang - even Spock, the great thinker - are slow to put the pieces together, even after encountering Good Space Unicorn Dog and Bad Space Unicorn Dog.

"God forbid I should have to agree with Spock." Good one.

Should landing parties perhaps carry emergency gear that's appropriate to the place they're going?

Dead. Jim.
RIP, weird little space unicorn dog. No humanoids die in this one. The death toll throughout the series thus remains at 18 crew members. No lowdown on where the weird little space unicorn dog came from and since it's not part of the crew it's not included in the tally.

Just Yuk
"The impostor had some interesting qualities." Spock has the final word here, delivering this bewildering and quite inappropriate comment to Yeoman Rand, complete with creepy smirk. I nominate this as the weirdest moment of the first five episodes. Does Starfleet have a human resources department and don't they cover things like this when they have those "don’t be weird to fellow employees" meetings?

Judgment Day
The pop psychology nearly overwhelms the proceedings here. We get it. Good side and bad side. We've all read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or seen an adaption or at least are familiar with the concept. The other major drawback - Bad Kirk's Herculean feat of overacting.

If you can somehow ignore these fairly significant points, it's probably at least a tolerable episode. Yes, one can't help but wonder how a finely tuned instrument such as a transporter can be thrown off the rails so easily or wonder exactly how it separates someone's good and bad side and spits them out, but I guess you can allow a little bit of dramatic license in these matters.

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