TOS Final Rewatch 4 - The Naked Time

"The Naked Time"
Season 1, Episode 4

What It Is
The "space madness" (uh oh) episode. This is a rare strain of looniness that might make you really angry or perhaps make you cry or long for love. Or maybe it will enhance your Irishness or help you to unleash your inner swashbuckler. Who can tell?

Set Dressing
The false snow or frost on the planet does not convince. One does not get the impression that this it's a cold place.

3-D checkers in the rec room?

Butter knives don't kill people. That's not a slogan - they really don't.

Stylish black T-shirts for Joe Tormolen and Spock. Is Joe the first redshirt to appear in a black shirt?

On "Space Madness"
According the McCoy's explanation, everyone is just kind of drunk?

Everyone lays it on a bit thick with the madness hijinks. Riley and Spock deserve a special merit badge for overacting.

Spock and Nurse Chapel's scenes would probably have been rejected by any self-respecting soap opera for being way too much.

Missed Opportunities
Riley shuts down the engines. The ship is about to fall from orbit and take to a dive to the planet - unless someone can save it. Which seems like a perfect opportunity to have a ticking clock or timer (preferably with a large red readout) that will stop at one second. Or, for added dramatic effect - a fraction of a second.

They're Dead
Thanks to Mr. Scott's trick with antimatter, ship and inhabitants go back in time and have three days to live over. Except for Joe? I bet going back in time will not bring him back from the dead.

Poor Joe Tormolen is the only known casualty here, apparently due to having lost the will to live. Which is a common side effect of getting "space madness" and then getting really angry.

Four episodes down and the Enterprise has already lost 18 crew members.

The first appearance of the Vulcan nerve pinch. Methinks.

Should you be able to run down to auxiliary and "hook everything through the main panel," thus taking over every function on the ship? If yes, shouldn't this access be limited to the highest ranking officers? None of whom have an override command for this?

Closing Time
If watching actors put the pedal to the metal and act themselves into a frenzy is your kind of thing, then this is an episode for you. But it's not for me.

The sheer over-the-top-ness of it all is kind of tiresome, the premise is not necessarily a bad one, although not so well-executed and I would gladly have fired a photon torpedo at Riley to get him to stop singing.

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