TOS Final Rewatch 3 - Where No Man Has Gone Before

"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Season 1, Episode 3

What's Going On
Almost indestructible Godlike Beings behaving badly...again. After running into an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy, two crew members are zapped and become Godlike Beings who can read really fast and stuff and who don't know how to play nice with the other children.

Throwing Back
I'm watching TOS in the order it was broadcast, the way viewers in the day would have (minus the giant refrigerator box console TV and rabbit ears of a fifty-foot antenna on the roof). Viewers who watched the first two episodes must have been thrown off by this one, which was produced much earlier. Get a load of those turtleneck uniform shirts, women in pants, a sinister-looking Mr. Spock, a different chief medical officer, and so on.

Style Council
As noted, pants for the women. Which seems sensible in the professional setting of a starship. But those miniskirts probably attracted more viewers.

I am totally on board with the decision to get rid of the turtlenecks.

Is that a dye job for Mr. Scott, with his impossibly jet black hair?

Glitter eyes. Unsettling, but effective.

Personnel Department
Sulu and Scott are on board for this one. No sign of Uhura and McCoy.

Spock forgets how to use his indoor voice and the eyebrows are pointing almost due north.

The Stuff
That phaser rifle is not a masterpiece of design.

Are those rock outcroppings made of fabric? Paper? A painting? They're certainly not rock.

The conference room littered with colorful floppy disks?

The galaxy's edge is a pleasing shade of pink. The real galaxy probably has no distinct or visible edge, but it's a nice touch.

The Godlike Beings Must Be Crazy
Is it a requirement that Godlike Beings behave badly? Yeah, probably.

How about those blank stares Dehner gets from every single person in the conference room when she argues in favor of Godlike Beings?

Even before going off the rails, Godlike Gary seems like a butthole. "Like a walking freezer unit" and that sort of thing.

Godlike Charlie ("Charlie X") behaves badly but is sympathetic. Godlike Gary is not sympathetic and when Spock suggests bumping him off, it's hard to argue.

Godlike Gary's first shot at paradise on Delta Vega - a drinking fountain and strangely colored plants - isn't much. But you've got to start somewhere.

Casualty Report
Nine dead in the incident at the edge of the galaxy. Three more down before it's all over. Five crew members dead in "The Man Trap." That's 17 crew lost in three episodes.

The supremely logical Mr. Spock is again defeated at chess by logic-deprived Kirk.

Kirk to Godlike Elizabeth - "Nobody but us chickens, Doctor." Come again?

What is your ESP quotient?

Godlike beings engage in a zap battle. Kirk and Godlike Gary do a good old-fashioned, rock 'em sock 'em fistfight. Now, that's entertainment.

The Lowdown
This is an interesting take on what TOS might have been. But the version that came to be works better for me. Maybe just because it's so familiar.

It's hard to know exactly what to make of this episode. There's really not much to it. Godlike Being goes off the rails and is defeated, as he must be. The preceding episode ("Charlie X") did this so well that the current episode suffers by comparison. Godlike Gary is so unlikeable (is it just me?) that the viewer can't help be relieved when he is gone. Although, how a pile of rocks can hold down a Godlike Being, even one in a weakened state, is a question that lingers.

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